Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Hi everyone!!! well i'm not posting a card this evening... but i felt like popping onto my blog for a little chat!... and anyone who knows me will know i can talk the leg off an iron pot when i get started!
Well i've had an immensley busy crafting week this week! two wedding invite orders needed to be finished and then VALENTINES day cards!!!!but i'm almost there! I am so eager to get going on my blog and have lots of lovely ideas for projects that i will be posting soon :) I am very excited right now as i am planning to treat me to a nice new A3 printer this week eeeek! so i can take on some BIGGER projects!! my poor little A4 printer has served me well over the last couple of years but it is now starting to tire... that and the fact that apparantly you shouldnt get elastic bands stuck in them when attempting to print! oops! i have some fab ideas to make some 3D framed pictures for fathers day using the Flippin Men range by La Pashe!, these will be popping up on my blog over the next couple of weeks as first i need to get cracking on Mothers Day cards! and i can think of nothing better than the "Oh So Cute and irresistable....
 Pickles and Podge range, that you can find on the New "The Best Of La Pashe" cd rom and also some funky ones from the Flippin Women  range which can be found on "The Big One" cd. If you havnt already got these cds  i can highly reccommend them! they are fabulous, full of loads of great images, you will be spoilt for choice! you can check them out now over on their web site and if your quick you can still catch their half price sale!!
Now as you can all see... this is a very new blog and it will take me time to make it look pretty and get some projects finished and uploaded but if any of you crafty lot out there want to pop over to my facebook page to see my cards made to date it would be fabulous to see you! well i think i had better sign off for now... i have 4 valentines cards to finish so i had better get to work! i will be blogging some cards over this weekend so i hope you will stop by and take a peek! catch you all soon.. Nix xx

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