Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Read all about it!

Well good evening bloggers!! it's been a while since i've blogged which is abit naughty!! but it's very busy in my craft room at the minute!! more wedding invites finished more to start, table planners, post boxes and placecards on the go!! ooooh my heads in a whirl ! and then right in the middle of the chaos i was asked if i would like to have a small stall this sunday at a Charity event being held at work...well... it would have been rude to say no,! now where i actually thought i was going to find the time for all this i have no idea... that said i think my batteries really and truly are running on empty! but me and mr red bull are becoming good friends :) so.... tonight FINALLY i am blogging a recent card that i made for the fabulous La Pashe for the launch of their brand new cd rom Something for everyone 
For my card i used the pre printed decoupage sheet that you can get! for ONLY 69p!!!! crazy prices!! 
I chose to make an 8x8 fold back card for this one, i used the matching background paper  which is the most fabulous old news print! that i distressed and inked around the edge and also cut into a couple of small sections rolled up and tied with string to make mini newspapers! 
I chose for the front to add the sentiment "BREAKING NEWS" as i thought it apt for the picture and then followed on my theme on the inside...
again i used the SECOND...(remember me saying each image has MULTIPLE background sheets!!) coordinating background sheet, distessed and inked just the same as the front, then for the verse and section where to write i used my cd rom, found the newspaper print backing paper, in my graphic programme- (MCS) i faded the image and cropped it, printed out, distressed, curled and inked the edges again to make it look like old newspaper then popped on a couple of more sentiments, "You heard it here first" and "Big Phil turns 50 today" i have to say i really enjoyed making this card, and i do believe you could use this image to "Announce" any event, on the front of my image you can see the saying "Its a special day" but just think what you could write there instead!! "Its a boy"! (or Girl) for a new baby... to celebrate an engagement you could put " He's finally popped the question..and she said yes! adding the couples names! Retirement, new job wedding, the list goes on....actually i think i would be cheeky and i would try this as a wedding card and on the newspaper stand on the front i think i would put " There's no turning back now!
If you are a crafter i can highly reccommend this cd its just flippin fab!! i promise to blog more very soon, good evening all!


  1. I have this cd rom and it is worth every penny. I thought the last one was fab and then this comes out and it is what it says on the box something for everyone.Brillant cd but I see the other day they are going to release a Christmas wrinklies can't wait for that.

    1. Hey Sheena! i know! right now La Pashe arespoiling us!! and all i can say about the christmas wrinklies this space!!! you will love it!xxx