Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Best Of La Pashe 2014

good evening crafters!! well I'm on meltdown!!!! eek operation finish my Christmas cards is under way and..hey!...who needs sleep right? i mean its probably overrated anyways..zzzzzzz....zzzz oops! sorry where was i?! lol any one else out there crazy busy this time of year? I'm sure I'm not alone, us crafters are part nocturnal anyway so all good! right ...who's brought the brand spanking new CD ROM from La Pashe?? The Best Of La Pashe 2014 that you can just so happen to pick up right over ...HERE!!
its just too fabulous!! oh my days I'm loving it, and to be fair i LOVE them all so i knew this one would be totes amazeballs too!
now as you know I'm one lucky little crafter and I'm totally lucky enough to be on the Design Team, and had the great pleasure of making some samples! where to start! ...what to choose! spoilt for choice! but first off I had a play with the brand new range "The Grumps"!
you are gonna adore these decoupage sheets guys! i have seen sooooooo many people i know in these images! and don't get me started on the Christmas Grumps! ( you will have to wait for those tho as they are at this minute cut up on my desk! ) 
OK here is my first card to share with you, do you know any gardeners out there who remind you a little teeny tiny bit of the good old Victor Meldew? ha ha well keep that thought in mind!

how funny! come on,... you MUST know someone this reminds you off!? or maybe a gardener who perhaps hates to garden but is nagged to do it..ooooh that may be my husband there!? La Pashe do give you every different style you could think of! and here is another collection to add to your favourites!
right then back to Christmas!
back soon
and as always thank you thank you thank you!!!!! for stopping by my little blog


  1. It's a fab CD isn't it? I'm looking forward to OH's birthday because this image is absolutely perfect for him!

  2. Love it Nicole! One day soon I'll get that wrapper off & go ape!
    Great work!
    Dawn xx

  3. Fab card, just a shame my dad in law passed away, - this would just have been perfect for him!!

    Love your blog, you make fab cards and I look forward to see more :o) Oh and I know all about being busy at this time of year.....