Friday, 9 June 2017

BRAND NEW Art Liner pens from Crafters Companion

woooooo i'm FINALLY blogging ha! its been far too long since my last post and i have a million things to blog!.... so i best start catching up! so much has happenned and i've made so much since my last post! luckily i have everything photographed ready..... i just need to BLOG IT! so first post of 2017...where are we at, well..... after being made redundant from my day job on the 31st of december last year i decided that all i really want to ever do is craft..... so i am damn sure trying my hardest to stay at home, work for myself,  and do just that! its loooooooong hours....very long lol but so far i'm loving it , so i hope i can make it last! right enough waffling onto my blog post! so, as a very proud Inkoid we had that exciting privilege to work with and create samples for Crafters Companions brand new launch using their exciting new spectrum Art Liners!! this brand new set of brush and fine line pens are totally amazing!! the collection comes with brush and fine pens in black, grey , brown and then multicolours too! there is a set of gorgeous alphabet and word stamps to help you practise the art of brush lettering and a dvd to help show you the way and explain the system to you too!
now you do need to practise- unless you have done this type of lettering before. our team only had these for about 2 weeks, so i just know with more practise i will get better and better!! i created all my backgrounds first, then i was very brave i didnt use the stamps i just went for it lol, i looked at the stamps to give me an idea... but you know heres the thing.... there are no set rules, there are sooooo many beautiful brush lettering styles out there find whichever you love the most, or create your own!!! the font style included in this set was designed by the very talented Jennifer Tryon from the US Crafters Companion, and its stunning! just beautiful, stamp out your words then brush letter over the top! or...go freehand like i did! nothing to lose remember what Sheena always tells us.... it's just a piece of paper.. so here are my samples, on 2 of them i have used the fine line pens to draw my own details too! the headphones on the skull and dream catcher too! now this is a long post so i hope your sitting comfortably!

 on the next skull card- i have used the fine liner pens to draw some headphones onto my skull
 and on my last sample, i have used the art liners to draw a dream catcher- the feathers are a Sheena stamp
so there you have it! i do hope you like my new samples, i would love to know what you think so please leave me a comment 

Lots of crafty hugs



  1. Wow, Wow, Wow Nicole, these are stunning the new pens look fantastic. I love the sentiment style on cards and must give this a go when they are launched.

    Sue xx

  2. Beautiful cards and love the bold design