Monday, 29 September 2014

La Pashe- Orienteering Decoupage

Good evening guys and gals!!! I hope you are all fabulous? Well on this not so nice dark and dreey wet evening I find myself in my beeeeeautiful carft room! Music playing with lots of crafty projects on the go, but first to share a design team card for

The new range of Mens Hobbies decoupage sheets are totally fantastic! This one here is called Orienteering and you can pick up the single sheet just  HERE! but they are all fabulous!! so why not pick up the whole set!!?? its a no brainer really crafters. The one type of card we always seem to struggle with is for men! we shudder at the soon as we get asked for a card for a fella we are stumped! why? well me personally I think its because we cant pretty it up? no ribbons or glitter....flower or sparkles, so there always looks like something is...missing, but  ( she says with a sly smile) I have never had that problem :) you see La Pashe have ALWAYS had an amazing array of designs for men, I proudly have all their Cd's me crafters I know what I'm waffling about! From the flippin men range , to the wrinklies, from gardening., motorcycling fishing and pets!, from police men to ambulance drivers....even the "White van " man's got a decoupage sheet! La Pashe have never failed us, and here they are yet again with a brilliant collection of mens hobbies!
I hope you like my card this evening and will check out the website, there is some wonderful foiled die cut Christmas now available too!!
happy creating!

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