Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Happy Birthday Girlfriend!

Hey you lot!! hows it going? One more day then back to work..:( booooooo ,Well this week as you may have seen I have been practising with my pro markers...Jak said play....so I'm playing!! another Saturated Canary one tonight, I do love her but loved my previous ones more...the fringe on this one has little loose bits so in hind sight the extra fine nibs wouls have worked better, so just ordered some, but what is great about pro markers is as soon as they arrive I will touch up the fringe that I'm not happy with and pro markers are very forgiving and will let me :) Will post a pic when I do that part. Ive tried to make the hair slightly darker, this is the first hair colour Ive been really happy with so I'm going to slowly take them darker so I can learn as I go...then I'll go lighter! again another CAS card but this week is not about how fancy I can make them look but all about the colouring ;)

 as you can see even though I used the fine nib for the fringe it needed to be slightly finer, but i'll re do this part when my fine nibs arrive!! and ive defined the nose slighty too :)
Right I'm off to catch some Zzzzzz
Good night folks!!!!


  1. You are colouring up these saturated canary images so beautifully Nicole,
    Kevin xx

    1. thanks Kev!! trying to get lots of practise in :) xx