Sunday, 22 June 2014

La Pashe- Some for the men folk!

Good afternoon peeps!,
Just stopping by to share 3 cards I have recently made for fathers day using my La Pashe CD roms- Check out the range on line just HERE!
They have a REALLY good selection of CD roms.... I know.... I have them ALL and LOVE them, I have always admired their artwork so find my self VERY  lucky to be on their Design Team!,
So I have made 3 cards using images from "The Best Of La Pashe 2012"

I really loved this one!! My Husbands hobby is photography and I have recently treated me to a lovely Nikon D3200 that I am still learning lol at the moment I have only taken snaps of my cards and a few pics in the garden but I'm getting better!  i popped the main image into my graphic programme to create the back ground I simply enlarged the image then faded, for the sentiment I made the image smaller, then again faded it and  wrote my sentiment over the top, really easy to do but i think it looks good! i do it all the have probably noticed if you've stopped by before! the following two cards of a steam train and boat, I have done the exact same thing....what do you think?...

and last one the boat...

and there you go! I have printed all 3 cards onto Black Diamond Matt photo paper, to get the clearest images i can, and cant stress enough when you are a CD crafter how important paper choice is, if you are not happy with the images you are getting always check your paper quality first! it rarely is your printer,
today is turning out to be a " catch up on blogging day!"
so I'm sure i will be back again soon!!


  1. These are all really brilliant Nicole, I love all of them
    Kevin xx

    1. hey Kevin!!! thank you my lovely !! xxxx